Have you thought about becoming a host for a Work for the Dole activity?

You may be surprised at the benefits for your not-for-profit, charity or government agency.

Work for the Dole allows job seekers to prepare for the work environment and learn new skills by participating in activities that are of local benefit, and allows organisations to benefit from the extra hands provided by the job seekers.

You will have access to work ready people

You will be provided with financial support to complete community activities you may not have had the resources for otherwise

Assist a job seeker to learn new skills and to remain active and engaged while looking for work


Work for the Dole Coordinator services have set up at 32 Doveton Street North Ballarat 3350

To find out more about hosting a Work for the Dole place call or email the team at Gforce:

Melissa Darken
Work for the Dole Broker


Trevor Godfrey
Work for the Dole Broker
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